Thursday, July 24, 2008

white's camera shop

i'm not very pleased with how long it's taking for them to have my camera repaired. i understand that they have to ship it out to fix it, and i understand that my camera is a pretty old model. that's fine. however, when i call for a status update, it's not very clear to say "any day now," which could pretty much mean anything these days, especially since that call took place several weeks ago. that wasn't even the first call.. it took two weeks after i took it in for me to call and get an estimate on how much it would cost to fix it! it's been almost 5 weeks now and i was hoping to have it back by now because i have a couple of gigs and trips lined up where i need it.

customer service blows these days. everyone seems to be incompetent (sp?) and nobody wants to be accountable for ANYTHING.

it's not even just the camera shop.. i've had similar issues with the bank and the post office lately, where nobody knows how or wants to give me a straight answer. if my camera is going to take another month to be fixed then i'd rather be told that and prepare to wait, i'm not necessarily going to be happy, but i'd rather deal with a company who's honest than one who "might" have my camera in next week.

maybe that's what i get for trying to support a local small town business.

anyways, i'm looking forward to getting it back and posting again.